The goal of this project is to provide a free tool to understand and grow your open-source project.

All the data is collected from the GitHub API and is updated weekly for top repos and less frequently for the rest. Please note that the data may be incomplete. If you find any issues, email us at igor@crowd.dev

Please don't take seriously verdicts that we show at the top of the page. This is just to summarize the data and give you a quick overview of the repo. The data is more useful when you explore it yourself.

analyzemyrepo.com is brought to you by team at crowd.dev.

Shoutout to technologies

This project is built with these amazing technologies:

  • create-t3-app for the Next.js app with Prisma, TailwindCSS, NextAuth and tRPC
  • nivo.rocks for amazing charts
  • vercel/satori for Open Graph image rendering
  • and Prefect for data scripts and cron jobs

All the best,